Where do we fit in Plant Automation?

The image below provides a snapshot of the services we provide for plant automation.

plant automation overview

Let's begin with the PLC in the lower-left corner:

PLC and I/O

The PLC and I/O are the heart of any control system. We install and program PLCs, we specify I/O, and we also design electrical panels. We have experience with most of the popular PLC brands, including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Modicon/Schneider, General Electric, Mitsubishi, Omron, and others.

Panel-based HMI

Moving to the right, we encounter a panel-based HMI (e.g. PanelView™). Such HMIs provide local access and control without higher-level SCADA features. We primarily work with Allen-Bradley's PanelView™ and PanelView Plus™ HMIs but have worked with many other brands, too.

Supervisory HMI

In the bottom-right corner is a higher-level SCADA HMI, capable of trending, alarming/notification, detailed dynamic graphics, and sophisticated scripting. Our primary experience is with Wonderware InTouch® and Rockwell RSView® products.


Whereas the SCADA workstation provides short-term, local trending, the Plant Historian provides long-term, plantwide data storage. Our primary experience is with Wonderware's Historian (formerly known as Industrial SQL or InSQL) and Rockwell's RSSql™. We are also experienced with Microsoft SQL Server® which both of these historians use in the background.

Web Reports

Finally, we come to corporate web reports. The historian can double as a web server, providing such things as trend reports, daily/monthly summaries, snapshots of running conditions (realtime and historical), etc. Our primary experience is with custom applications written in Active Server Pages (ASP).

Project Archival

After project completion, we archive a copy of your project (PLC program, HMI, and drawings) on our server in case they are ever needed again. Learn more about our project library.

But that's not all...

The overview above summarizes the main work we do, but some projects also take us into these areas:

  • Machine vision
  • Customized training