Ongoing Relationships with Clients

Automation Horizons prides itself on satisfying the customer. Although a project may come to an end, our relationship with the client often continues. In fact, most of our work is repeat business from happy clients.

project bookshelves
Our project library
Glamorous? No. Precious? Yes!

We maintain a large library of our completed work, going back 22 years. When problems have arisen at a customer's site, such as loss of a PLC program more than ten years old, the customer has been pleased to find out we have an archived version of the program and are able to reload it. This extensive library also means that one engineer can pick up where another left off, years after a project has been completed.

Some clients have us come in on an irregular basis to maintain their existing HMI/SCADA software or PLC programs. It can be cost-prohibitive to keep an expert on the plant payroll. If you don't require an expert's services full time, it is more cost-effective to hire the expert on an as needed basis, reducing your ongoing expenses.