Machine Vision

Cognex InSight camera

Staff at Automation Horizons are trained in the development of machine vision applications using Cognex® products. We have extensive experience with the In-Sight® 5000 line of cameras and also have used Cognex DVT® cameras.

Our vision applications have been used for:

  • reading barcodes
  • making precise, repeatable measurements
  • poka-yokes during assembly
  • distinguishing parts
  • inspecting product quality
  • preventing hazardous spills as part of a molding process

In-Sight 5000 cameras are self-contained and do not require a host computer for processing. Thus, a more appropriate term for them is vision system. Results are sent to a PLC via discrete signals. The built-in Ethernet port also allows you to send results to a PC using industry-standard OPC technology.

Color Inspection

Prices for color cameras have become much more affordable than in the past.

Over to the right is a sample image from an application which detects colored impurities in a clear aggregate. Whereas a black-and-white camera had difficulty distinguishing the grayscales present in pure material with those in impurities, the color camera had no trouble separating the two.

Colored impurities