Industries Served

As systems integrators, we have had the opportunity of serving several different industries. Each project only helps to increase the breadth and depth of our experience, and we have been in business for 22 years. Chances are we have successfully completed projects in your industry and won't be strangers to your needs.

Below is a sample list of industries we have worked in, along with the type of applications we have either developed and/or maintained in each.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing including FDA validation procedures, batching, reactor control, fermentation, sterilization, freeze dryers, distilled water and environment control.

Food and Beverage

Our experience in the food and beverage industries includes implementing control systems for candy, pasta, and soft drink manufacturing plants. We have experience in cooking, blending, and packaging in batching environments as well as continuous-process environments.


Plastics injection, blow molding, extruded film lines, co-extrusion films, heat-sealing of films, RF welding of vinyl webs, air conveying of raw materials, resin formulation and mixing.


Packaging and material handling including cartoners, case packers, palletizers, bagging machines and conveyor systems.

Web Manufacturing

Web manufacturing including blown and cast films, paper, and nonwoven technologies.


Chemical process control including reactor control, mixing, batching, and railcar loading and unloading.